Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Back to Blogging

I finally did what I have been intending to do for ages: I got up (relatively) early, and actually sat down to write a new post for one of my blogs (I've decided to maintain several). But why, why, did I try to do so without a the accompaniment of a strong cup of something caffeinated? Ugh.

I'm trying to cut down on caffeine. I'll do some research on just how bad caffeine really is, but the fact remains that I do need it sometimes. Especially in the morning.

I have a very, very difficult time waking up. It's a challenge to drag myself out of bed, and even after I'm up, I have this buzzing feeling in the back of my head. I'm still working through it, but at some point, I should succomb and sit back with a steaming cup of coffee.
And i think that point is now... :)

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